Jewels of the Sun Listen Free[Download]

Jude Murray is fully determined to reevaluate her life and she flees to America in order to take protection in the Faerie Hill Cottage. This is where she immersed herself in Irish Folklore study and finds hope for future within the magic of the past. 

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Listen Free[Download]

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a book written by Lori Gottlieb. It is a biography/ personal memoir by the author. Brittany Pressley has done the narration of this book in a professional and a powerful tone, which makes it sound even more interesting.

Killer Instinct Listen Free[Download]

Killer Instinct is a joint production of James Patterson and Howard Roughan as its writers. It is a modern detective, crime mystery thriller. Edoardo Ballerini is the narrator of this novel. He is a successful and a well-known name in the narrators’ fraternity and with all his experience, he managed to give an ultra-powerful performance in this novel.

The Perfect Hope Listen Free[Download]

The Perfect Hope is the 3rd and last book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy. It is excellently written by Nora Roberts, whose name is not strange for the book lovers, especially in fiction. It is a contemporary romance novel with an extremely thoughtful story. MacLeod Andrews just like the other novels of this trilogy has once again entrusted the narrator’s role and he had done full justice with it.

The Last Boyfriend Listen Free[Download]

The Last Boyfriend is the pen ultimate novel in the Inn BoonsBoro novel series. It is masterfully written by Nora Roberts, who had the reputation of one of the finest fictional writers of her times. The novel this time is a contemporary fiction and a highly grasping one for the audience. MacLeod Andrews has done the narration of this novel, which is a task well done by him as he was widely appreciated for his performance.

The Next Always Listen Free[Download]

The story is set in a historic hotel, which is in Bonsboro. It is a hotel that has endured both peace and war, the rumored hauntings and even the changing of hands. Now, his hotel is all set to get a significant face lift in order to give it a good modern touch. Behind this venture was the Montgomery brothers and their mother. Beckett is the architect in that family and his social conversations were mostly about talking shops of pizza over beer. But, there is another considerable project over which he has got his eyes on and that is his waiting to kiss the girls, since she was 16 years old.

Heart of the Sea Listen Free[Download]

Heart of the Sea is the final novel in the Irish Jewels trilogy. It is written beautifully by Nora Roberts who has been a critics’ favorite for many years. This one is a contemporary romantic novel, which promises to give a great source of entertainment to all the fictional book lovers. Patricia Daniels is once again entrusted with the task of narrating this novel, which she managed to do brilliantly with her stern and powerful voice. 

Tears of the Moon Listen Free[Download]

Nora Roberts is regarded as a storytelling wizard in the literary writing fraternity and for all the good and obvious reasons for that matter. She is exceptional as a writer and has great command in producing the top of the line novels. Tears of the Moon is another sensational novel by Nora Roberts. It is the 2nd and the pen ultimate novel in the Irish Jewels saga. The genre it belongs to is contemporary romance, which looks more beautiful through the mind and pen of Nora Roberts. Patricia Daniels is the narrator of this novel, who has done a splendid job with her soulful voice and expressive tone.

Montana Sky Listen Free[Download]

Montana Sky is a novel written by Nora Roberts, who one after the other, mesmerizes audience with her top quality writing. This novel is a contemporary fiction type and has all the ingredients to be one of the most grasping novels for the book lovers. Erika Leigh has done the narration of this novel, which turned out to be a good one as per the reviews pf the narrator.

Black Hills Listen Free[Download]

Nora Roberts is in best of her literary writing form when she is writing a mystery thriller. Black Hills is just one out of her many such novels. You will be completely bamboozled with the suspense in this novel, which wouldn’t let you go anywhere before the ending. Nick Podehl with all his prior experience in narration managed to pull off another great performance.