I Am Number Four Listen Free[Download]

The kids were not like the ordinary kids of the earth, they were with superpowers and unique talents. Their superpowers tended to grow even more with their growing age so hiding was the perfect choice for them. Hiding in different countries of the world didn’t prove helpful because the enemy finally knows about their hideouts. Number one was shot in Malaysia and numbers two and three were eradicated in England and Kenya. Number four became the hot target after number three but till then he had attained much of his powers.

Angels Flight Listen Free[Download]

Michael Connelly is a phenomenal writer when it comes to writing the best detective novels and crime mystery thrillers. He is famously known for his LAPD detective character of Harry Bosch. Angels Flight is the 6th chapter of the Harry Bosch novel series which is a crime mystery thriller with loads of suspense that gradually subsides towards the end of the chapter.

The Black Ice Listen Free[Download]

Michael Connelly is a very smart writer whose plots in his novels are quite original and something to admire. The mystery thrillers are hard to write and any loophole makes the entire novel sound so ridiculous. This is where he is amazing and his Harry Bosch series is a true reflection of it. The Black Ice novel comes with some amazing suspense that will keep you stick to the novel right until its conclusion when the suspense subsides eventually. Michael Connelly has a trademark style of writing mystery thrillers. You must check out his other mystery thrillers such as The Concrete Blonde and The Last Coyote.

The Black Echo Listen Free[Download]

Michael Joseph Connelly is a capable American author. He is mainly known for writing amazing novels in crime fiction and detective genres. The majority of his novels notable revolves around LAPD Detective named Harry Bosch and this subject novel is just one of them. The book is part 1 of the series titled Harry Bosch which is a crime mystery thriller. If you want to enjoy some more mystery thrillers then take some time out to go through the other novels of Michael Connelly such as The Law of Innocence and Two Kinds of Truth.

Havenfall Listen Free[Download]

Havenfall is also the same type of thing that grips anyone who listens to it for a minute or two. It is just an inn but in reality, it joins all the realms at one fixed spot on earth. Creatures from different realms come to the place for a rest or sometimes for a shelter that is provided to them by the caretaker who allows no lawlessness from any direction. Among the creatures that come to the place for a stay, there is Maddie Morrow who wanted an escape from the human world after her mother was arrested because of a hideous crime.

Kushiel’s Justice Listen Free[Download]

Jacqueline Carey is an American writer with a focus primarily on fantasy fiction novels. Some of her best works are from this same Kushiel’s Legacy novel series. Kushiel’s Justice is the 4th chapter of the saga and quite an exciting one with lots of new experiences for the keen followers of this series. The other novels that Jacqueline Carey has written and became popular are Kushiel’s Dart and Kushiel’s Avatar.