The Collector Listen Free[Download]

When Lila Emerson, a professional house sitter witnesses a brutal murder from her house sitting job, her life takes a very dramatic turn. All of a sudden, the lad with no perpetual ties discovers herself with a wish for having one.

River’s End Listen Free[Download]

River’s End is a romantic novel from Nora Roberts with a good part of suspense as well. Sandra Burr was given the task for the narration of this chapter, where he has done a great job with powerful and stern voice.

Angels Fall Listen Free[Download]

Angel Fall is a classic novel written by Nora Roberts. The novel has an immensely great storyline with some magnificent characters to make it even more charming. The novel itself is a romantic one with a suspenseful story. The narration of this chapter is done by Joyce Bean, who managed to pull off a stunner with his stern voice quality and great expressions.

Stars of Fortune Listen Free[Download]

Stars of Fortune marks the start of another grand trilogy by Nora Roberts. People with all the previous experiences with the trilogies and standalone novels of Nora Roberts had extremely high hopes this time as well. They were not disappointed at all as the author managed to pull off another sensational novel and a successful series to follow. This one is The Guardians Trilogy. The narration of this chapter, Stars of Fortune is done by Saskia Maarleveld and by looking at all the reviews and feedbacks, she has done a great job. The novel this time is a romantic fantasy by the author.

Bay of Sighs Listen Free[Download]

Bay of Sighs is the 2nd and pen ultimate chapter of The Guardian Trilogy. It is a contemporary romantic novel with a super awesome storyline for the audience to get mesmerized with. The novel and the entire series is written by Nora Roberts, who is a brilliant writer within her domain. Saskia Maarleveld has done the narration of this novel, where her performance and expression was absolutely outstanding.

Island of Glass Listen Free[Download]

Island of Glass is the 3rd and final novel in The Guardians Trilogy. It is skillfully written by Nora Roberts and the novel and the series is a romantic fantasy with a super exciting story. Saskia Maarleveld has given the narration of this novel, where her performance was all praises by critics and as well as general audience.

Chasing Fire Listen Free[Download]

Chasing Fire is a standalone novel written by Nora Roberts. It is a contemporary fictional book with a super inspiring storyline for the audience. The narration of this 15-hour long book is done by Rebecca Lowman, whose performance for widely appreciated for the quality of tone and extremely powerful expressions.

Blue Smoke Listen Free[Download]

Blue Smoke is a top tier novel by Nora Roberts. It is a romantic novel, which has some great suspense all through its storyline. The narration of this novel is done by Joyce Beans, who has done a fabulous job with all the appreciative words from the fans and critics that he received.

Black Hills Listen Free[Download]

Nora Roberts is in best of her literary writing form when she is writing a mystery thriller. Black Hills is just one out of her many such novels. You will be completely bamboozled with the suspense in this novel, which wouldn’t let you go anywhere before the ending. Nick Podehl with all his prior experience in narration managed to pull off another great performance.

Montana Sky Listen Free[Download]

Montana Sky is a novel written by Nora Roberts, who one after the other, mesmerizes audience with her top quality writing. This novel is a contemporary fiction type and has all the ingredients to be one of the most grasping novels for the book lovers. Erika Leigh has done the narration of this novel, which turned out to be a good one as per the reviews pf the narrator.