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The 16th chapter of the series is titled just like that of the series, Scarpetta. This seems to be some sort of attempt in reviving the Scarpetta novel series, which has seen a dip in the quality of writing in the few later chapters. The keen followers of Patricia Cornwell and her Scarpetta series would unanimously agree that there have been some definite issues in the writing standards in the later chapters of the saga. Many of them called “RIP Scarpetta” after listening through the 15th chapter of the series. However, if you want to check the real essence of what the Scarpetta novel series is all about then do check out The Last Precinct and Blow Fly novels.

The Scarpetta Factor Listen Free[Download]

The Scarpetta Factor is a crime mystery thriller, which is written by Patricia Cornwell. The book is chapter 17 of the amazing Scarpetta novel series. A few of the most exciting novels written by Patricia Cornwell are Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller.

Port Mortuary Listen Free[Download]

Port Mortuary is a crime mystery thriller. You will get to experience some gripping suspense in this novel. The book is chapter 18 of the Scarpetta novel series, which is packed with some incredible novels. The author behind this enormous saga is Patricia Cornwell who is considered to be a highly talented writer of mystery thrillers. A few of her highly incredible novels include the likes of Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller.

Red Mist Listen Free[Download]

Patricia Cornwell has presented the crime mystery thriller enthusiasts with quite a long and interesting saga by the name of Scarpetta. Red Mist is the 19th chapter of this series. The author has entertained listeners with many excellent novels in the saga where a couple of notable ones are The Last Precinct and Blow Fly novels.

The Bone Bed Listen Free[Download]

Kate Reading is the narrator of this The Bone Bed novel. The performance was not so good and the voice almost throughout the narration seemed agitated. She might just be OK with her performance with the character of Lucy, but not otherwise. She struggled big time when performing for the male characters and that was quite frustrating.

Dust-Scarpetta Listen Free[Download]

Patricia Cornwell is a renowned novel from the American literary writing fraternity who you can trust when talking about the best mystery thrillers. Her Scarpetta series is a prime example of her abilities as an accomplished crime mystery writer. Dust is chapter 21 of the Scarpetta novel series. If you want to check some more novels from the saga then The Last Precinct and Blow Fly novels would be a good choice to consider.

Flesh and Blood Listen Free[Download]

Flesh and Blood is the 22nd chapter of the Scarpetta novel series. It is a crime mystery thriller for which its author Patricia Cornwell is mainly known for. She is also the bestselling American author in that genre. The author has written many other exciting mystery thrillers where Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller novels are considered as her best work so far.

Depraved Heart Listen Free[Download]

Patricia Cornwell is the bestselling author of crime mystery novels. Depraved Heart is the 23rd chapter of the series. A couple of other notable novels from the Scarpetta series that you should consider listening to are The Last Precinct and Blow Fly.

Chaos-Scarpetta Listen Free[Download]

Chaos is an exciting novel written by Patricia Cornwell. She has the long and beautiful Scarpetta novel series to her credit, which created a great impact in the ranks of crime mystery thriller fans. Chaos is the 24th chapter of the Scarpetta novel series. If you want to have a good look deep inside Patricia Cornwell’s archives then you will find Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller as her best novels.

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The Ready Player Two is the second installment in the ready Player One novel series. The technological discoveries and adventures of Wade Watt in this novel will stun you. This novel was highly anticipated after the grand opening offered by the Ready Player One novel. One more top novel by Ernest Cline is Armada, which is a must-listen as well in audio format.