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Tears of the Moon
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Nora Roberts is regarded as a storytelling wizard in the literary writing fraternity and for all the good and obvious reasons for that matter. She is exceptional as a writer and has great command in producing the top of the line novels. Tears of the Moon is another sensational novel by Nora Roberts. It is the 2nd and the pen ultimate novel in the Irish Jewels saga. The genre it belongs to is contemporary romance, which looks more beautiful through the mind and pen of Nora Roberts. Patricia Daniels is the narrator of this novel, who has done a splendid job with her soulful voice and expressive tone.

Shawn Gallagher, a highly talented songwriter spends most of his days being completely list in wonder and reverie. He is always oblivious to the wiles of ladies and the different ways of the world. Shawn Gallagher claims that he is happy and contented with his current life, but his music and songs tells a totally different story. It is all filled with loneliness, sadness and desperate longing.