Warhammer Audiobook – Scions of Elysia Audiobook(Free)

Warhammer 40k – Scions of Elysia Audiobook(Free)



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Scions of Elysia is Chris Dows’ underlying sound overall performance for Black Collection, and moreover go back to his Elysian Drop Sags characters a while in the past shrouded withinside the brief memories The Mouth of Turmoil and Monolith. This 2nd across the hobby occurs withinside the Elysia framework itself, as Sergeant Zachariah and moreover what maintains on being of his team are made certain to assist in a challenge to loose the association of dangerous privateers. Under the capricious management of the rash and moreover incompetent Captain Bandrac, absolutely the first aim seems badly, leaving Zachariah to parent out the way to get better a few type of accomplishment from the accompanying turmoil.



The Elysian Drop Troops are renowned at some stage in the Astra Militarum for their expedient arrangement strategies, utter valor and data at grav-chute attacks. The 158th Elysian are when such regiment, requested to placate piratical warbands at gigantic of their nearby framework. But since the showcasing effort starts, fiasco strikes, the regiment’s green and vain skipper the reason. Just through the creativity of Sergeant Zachariah is a triumph rescued, anyway at a loathsome expense.



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